Monday, May 3, 2010

{ I just got this today, thought I might also share with you because i'll be tied up at this time, for those who are interested }

Hi Sheila!!

My name is Lian Ping. I am a student ambassador to the first Global Scholars & Leaders Conference 2010 (for high school and university students), to commence on August 08 - 15, 2010 at Republic of Singapore. I am promoting this event and wish to inform you that the nomination process to this conference is open now! (Visit to find out more!)

Admission to this conference is merit-based. If you are interested to represent your country and your school in this international conference, you need to file a teacher's recommendation as supporting document. (

You will then be given Scholar ID and Enrolment Code to apply online. Enrolments are then based on academics, leadership, character and service. If you are successfully admitted, the conference will fully sponsor your return air tickets (round trip - both ways) for you to attend the conference. You need to pay for your own accommodations and fees.

**Please note that this is NOT an official invitation! If you wish to verify the authenticity, please contact the office of admissions directly. You are reminded of the Defamation Act before posting any malicious questions online. Please read now:

You may wish to contact my ambassador leader, his name is Peisen, and his profile is available at, all his personal contacts are there, you may wish to give him a call too!). Nonetheless, if you are not interested in the abovementioned event, then you may wish to ignore this message. Thank you!!!!

Cheers and regards
Lian Ping

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