Saturday, February 5, 2011

Guide to eyebrow tattooing

Having a successful eyebrows tattooing procedure requires these 10 basic things:
  • a well trained and experienced permanent makeup specialist or aesthetician
  • a good sketch drawn onto your brow with the final shape YOU want
  • the right pigments or ink color that will match your skin tone and hair color
  • receiving proper anesthesia before the procedure begins
  • the use of a modern rotary tattoo machine
  • the right selection of needles for the right style of cosmetic tattoo
  • numbing creams or anesthesia during the procedure to ensure your comfort
  • proper application of aftercare products immediately following the procedure
  • the right aftercare products at home to avoid swelling and infection
  • a follow-up visit with your tattooing specialist a week or two after the procedure

Newly tattooed eyebrows need to be cared for and guarded from infection and it is also imperative that you return to visit your cosmetician at least once for a post-operation assessment of healing and perhaps even some touchups.

Eyebrow Tattoo Aftercare

Once the eyebrow tattooing procedure is complete it is imperative that your permanent makeup cosmetician apply a soothing and healing protective cream or gel to the newly tattooed area. Tattoo care is important right from the start. Remember that the region has had a needle inserted into the skin hundred of times and requires help repairing. It also needs something to calm the swelling that will occur but can be slightly minimized with a soothing cream, ointment or gel. You also want to protect the color which can begin to scab and crack and fall away taking the color with it. You do not want your new brows to flake away. So, your professional cosmetic tattooing specialist will apply a small amount of cream or ointment or gel using a soft cotton swab to the eyebrow or tattooed lips or eyes.

Now all that is left to do is to take a little cream home with you, listen to your homecare instructions carefully and wait.

Tattoo Care at Home

Don’t panic if your brows begin to itch and have scabs. Just don’t pick them off and don’t rub the region. It is best not to wash them and certainly don’t scrub them unless you want to repeat the entire procedure. If your permanent make up tattoo appears too dark, don’t worry too much. Eyebrow tattoos often look darker than expected for a few weeks, but they should fade. If you are unhappy with the shape or there has been a mistake or they are getting infected or the swelling isn’t going away after about 48 hours, you must call your aesthetician and also see if you may need an antibiotic. Also if the shape is a little off, you can get advice on how to pick off the scabs to eliminate some bad areas and have these retouched. Do not just go home and sulk if everything is not what you expected. Return quickly to the clinic where you had the permanent cosmetic make up done and immediately plan how to fix anything that is not to liking. It is best done early than late.

Give Your Brows a Month

In normal cases, the brows will heal in two weeks or so. Give it a month for them to be faded a little and totally lovely. That is why you should never have this procedure done anytime near an event where you must be in public for a wedding r special occasion. Plan your eyebrow tattooing procedure for an off season in your year.


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