Saturday, February 5, 2011

Permanent Eyeliner: Pros & Cons

Permanent Eyeliner Pros

- Permanent eyeliner does live up to the claims. It is a fine, tattooed line across the eyelid that looks like just like eyeliner, but without the potential smudging. Once the procedure is finished, you're definitely saving time in your makeup routine each morning by skipping the eyeliner step.

- Permanent eyeliner is extremely versatile, and the exact hue or thickness of line can be altered according to the customer's wishes. The eyeliner technique can also be used for an added bonus. When done in a dot technique the permanent eyeliner can make your eyelashes appear thicker.

- If you use high-quality eyeliner everyday, permanent eyeliner may save you money in the long run. Paying for the tattooing might seem like a lot upfront, but if you add up how much money you may have spent on expensive eyeliner, it's probably putting money back in your pocket.

Permanant Eyeliner Cons

- Despite the name, permanent eyeliner is usually not permanent. It will last a few years, depending on the person, but will eventually fade away. You may also need touch-ups and small fixes during the eyeliner's lifespan. This can all add up to much more money than first expected.

- If you have the misfortune of having permanent eyeliner done by someone unreliable, there can be several complications. Not only can the work end up looking terrible and spotty, the area can become irritated and/or infected. There's also the potential for allergic reaction. If the permanent makeup needs to be removed, there are even more potential complications that may arise.

- Eyeliner styles change drastically according to current trends. Colors, thickness and shape go in and out of fashion. Permanent eyeliner takes away the versatility in your look and restricts you to that one style. If you decide your eyeliner is passé, you'll have to wait for it to fade, or undergo a costly and painful removal procedure, to fix it.

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