Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Appreciate your life

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Why don't we seem to appreciate what we have in life.This new era of greed and jealousy seems to be the resolution for these human creatures.When you gain experience in the field by helping the needy people,one notices that they have so much to live for with so little to feed on and cloth themselves with. Then I thought to myself, what the hell are we nagging about and critizing others for? What we have, never seems to be enough and so we keep on comparing ourselves to others, while other people have more serious concerns about what to eat and where to sleep.You only have to be there to see what I'm talking about. So I did a little project this week. It was public transport 24/7 and community service. The best choice ever, putting myself in their shoes. I grew to appreciate what I have and I thank my mom for the struggle she went through as a single parent to raise us and give us the best education.While I was dying to get these gorgeous pair of shoes to add to my rather large collection I noticed kids with only one pair of shoes that had rat holes in them due to the constant usage as well. I had to appreciate what I have and value my upbringing. Funny thing I was browsing through my pictures and a number of my Facebook friends pictures and just realised how ignorant we are, as I call it,how 'plasticated ' we have become. Globalization has made us forget who we really are and has sculped us to wear a mask that makes us Africans fit into this artificial world we live in. I have enjoyed my little excursions out of my home, oh yes i have. I have also democratically seen what's happening around me. I have stepped out of my own skin and I have seen so much and heard a whole lot of things too. What is family now? If all they want to do is let us down, gossip and develop wild animalistic habits. They focus all their energy in negativity instead of releasing their tension through helping the those who need it the most. NO one is born perfect and I wonder why they do not see that. If people stay ignorant and grow even more arrogant how do they expect Africa to develop then? I always wonder how the poor survive during the rainy season and in other harsh weather conditions. I always remember,"do good unto others as you would want them to do good unto you". This is not very common today but atleast I try to remember it because I am not perfect either. Its the effort that counts and that I'm willing to do.!. Its the thought that counts that there are people out there that aren't as priviledged as we are.Take a minute to acknowledge them and say a little prayer. Just one sentence will do. "God please give them hope,strength and answer their prayers".
A little faith will take you and them a long way!.
Even though you live your life with a huge smile on your face,wake up and smell the mocha. The sun doesn't rise and set for you alone.
Be a lucky charm to someone who really needs it.

xoxo SB

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  1. I appreciate your reflections, we tend to take so much for granted. It is nice to see that there are those who realize that there is more to life than superficial representations of wealth. True wealth is the satisfaction you feel from doing what you want, not in having what you want.


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