Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Exam Week

Ummh this spectecular week has finally arrived. It's so amazing how time flies, and six weeks later we are christened by sleepless nights and uncountable yawns.

I wonder, who this person is who actively invented "exams" or even thought of this method of evalution, they must have never thought that their greatest of great grandchildren would be going through numerous unstable periods within one year.

Oh well, since it is unavoidable, it is the evidence i need to prove that I have spent all my life studying, from pre-school to high school and now Univerisity. Funny enough, it isn't over yet, still have my Masters to do and PhD in the later future. I believe we were born to crack our heads and suffer from a serious pearl concussion.

Once this week is over we have every reason imaginable to let loose and party the weekend away. But wait a minute, term papers are due soon and i have two presentations to prepare for. Ummmhhhh....
I guess I'll overdo my enjoyment this weekend and get thinking again next week.

And before I know it, finals will be knocking on my super-glued door, a semester will be over and i will forcefully have to welcome a new semester of the exact same experiences.

Ummhhhh, a summary of my thoughts after doing my first two mid-semester exams of the day.

All Hail to the invention of exams.....

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