Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A great weekend= A frustrated week

There is honestly nothing more depressing than flying back from home after a great weekend to a class quiz that never took place. Welcome to Sheila’s new week of frustration.
Four days before this unlikely event, it was a beautiful Friday morning waking up to the sunlight that sneaked through the edges of the curtains. I had fully recovered from a little condition I had had the previous day. Though I was emotionally unstable I was however excited to be going home for the weekend. I got to the airport on time, as always, checked in and rushed upstairs to watch my series, “In the name of love”, an obsession that will soon come to an end when the show ends this week. As soon as it was over I briskly walked down to gate 12 for my final check in, yeeiiiiii I was half a step closer to home. One hour until departure and no flight delays? Marvelous! Precision Air won my heart that night. I set comfortably in my aisle seat with no complaints, draw out my iPad and watched what I always watch, “Devil wears Prada”. Two years on and I am still obsessed with the movie. I folded my table ready for landing, touchdown and I was finally touching home ground. The Dar es Salaam heat is the only assurance I needed as I breathed in that thick air something I thought I missed about my new home land.
There he was, my better half, peeping through the doors as I waited for my luggage that seemed to take forever to arrive. Finally in my husband’s arms I was, “home sweet home”. That was the end of day one.

Saturday morning we planned our day, it was the usual, husband in the office and my usual weekend plans, see mother dearest, visit the grandparents and get my little sister for the weekend, and oh, dinner out at “Zuane” , a great Italian restaurant and pizza I enjoyed. That was a summary of my Saturday.
Then came Sunday when I cooked up a storm, I invited my mother for lunch at home, I made her favorite, meatballs, and served it with skin potatoes and soy sauce mushroom fry, Ummhhhhh I really enjoyed my own cooking and dessert. I later baked a rich Madeira cake and coated it with chocolate which was meant to be for my grandparents and mom. Sob sob, my husband denied its exit from the residence. A great cake it was.
Before I knew it, my great weekend was over, and hello dear Monday. Usually I would extend my days at home and enjoy the benefits of being a wife but this Social Psychology Quiz prepped for Tuesday morning paralyzed all efforts of staying in the comfort of my home for two more nights. As sad as it was, I flew back on every one’s Valentine’s Day, “Though we have our special dates”. Here I was at 6am, scratching my head rushing through my little notes. Only to get to class on time to a lecturer who was an hour and ten minutes late, and the best thing of it all, the quiz was cancelled to Thursday morning. And so I say, welcome to my new week of frustration.

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