Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jennifer Hudson's new slim body


10 Facts About Jennifer Hudson's Weight Loss as Revealed on 'Oprah'

1. She did it for herself, on a quest to be in a happy place after the tragic loss she experienced.

2. The first week of the Weight Watchers program, she wouldn't listen to her program leader and even gained weight.

3. The process was set in motion after her aha moment. Trainers, surgery, nor personal chefs are behind her success (proving anyone can do it, not just the wealthy).

4. She was content with her "before," and never sought to lose weight because she didn't know how to eat.

5. She works out faithfully, doing simple activities she enjoys (basketball, jumping rope, etc).

6. The treadmill is her favorite piece of equipment, because it makes her feel free.

7. She's now a size 6 and doesn't want to be size 4 or 2 ... she's fine where she is.

8. She did away with extreme dieting practices, because "no one can live like that for the rest of their lives."

9. She's lost 80 pounds total (revealed to the chagrin of her program leader, who didn't want to promote focusing on pounds).

10. She now gets attention that she's not used to — and steals the spotlight from her wrestler husband.

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