Thursday, February 24, 2011

Justin Bieber Gets Rejected by Rihanna (Again!)

Poor Justin Bieber: He may be a box office success thanks to his new film, Never Say Never, but the young pop star still can’t land his crush Rihanna.

The 16-year-old pop star joked about getting shot down by Rihanna, 23, at the NBA All-Star game last weekend.

“I asked her out,” Justin says. “It didn’t go so well, since I’m not with her. I asked her out and she was basically like, ‘You’re too young’.”

Well, she does have a point! Rihanna is roughly six years older than the “Baby” hit-maker and any their hypothetical romance would raise eyebrows, to say the least. Besides, Rihanna has no trouble landing men: The “Rude Boy” songbird has recently been linked to Drake, Colin Farrel and Ryan Phillippe.

aww poor cutie... RiRi aims higher.

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