Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to tie a turban

1. Tie long hair in a bun before starting to wrap the turban. Get a piece of cloth at least two and a half feet in length.

2. Fold the cloth in half lengthwise and lay it over the top of your head, folded part over your forehead, with the sides hanging down over the front of your shoulders like two pigtails.

3. Grasp each length of cloth (at about the same level as your earlobes) and twist them. Twist tight enough to keep the turban firmly on your head. Be careful not to twist too tightly or too loosely–otherwise it will not fit properly.

4. Slide your hands about 10 inches down the length of each twisted end. Pull them behind your head and switch hands, overlaying the one end on top of the other. Bring the ends forward along the side of your head above the ears.

5. Cross the lengths of cloth over your forehead and wrap them toward the back. Take the time to create the desired turban tying height in front. Tie each length of cloth like you would a shoelace and tuck the remaining ends inside the base wrap. If the remaining ends are too long, wrap them around your head again.

tie a turban

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