Thursday, March 10, 2011

The naked truth about "Giving and Sharing"

So Mrs. B has been writing a lot lately.
Instead of saving what I write on my iPad and laptop, I thought what better way to share it than save it. Usually a new year brings so many new resolutions, blah blah all that stuff. But 2010 was one of the most interesting years of my life. I did my part, you did your part, we did our parts and that part of 2010 completed.

But one thing really caught my eye as I listened, watched and acted. “Stepping out of my own skin” something I tend to do a lot. Through the years I have mastered the art of giving and sharing. Not just because the bible says you should do so but because it was a part of me, though I always remembered that when you give, God blesses you more and all that other stuff. I am a 100% sure that I have given away more than half of my wardrobe, from shoes to bikinis.

Don’t get me wrong here, I have been giving with all of my heart and demanding nothing back in return. I also grow to share stuff that I wasn’t so comfortable sharing, but as a way of being nice I thought, “what the heck” it won’t hurt to share though I still never demanded anything In return. All this is College life with 10% personal life. Hah! I just can’t believe the good I did to people who at the end of the day I didn’t really know them. Sharing… giving… giving… giving… oh my so much giving, just to put a smile on your face I would shop for myself, and remember you, and you and you. When I’d get back, my little dolls would be waiting excitedly a reflection of mama finally coming home with candy at the end of the day. And good I felt until it finally hit me.


Seriously, I stopped and asked myself this one day. When “A” needs to borrow money I give them, yet they never payback until I ask them to. When “Z” needs a pair of something’s I always give them, yet they wait for me to go and beg for my items back. Hello? Is this what it has come down to? I am the lion who catches my prey and you are the vulture who feeds off my hard work. Worse of all, the day I refuse to give or share anything it becomes a sin on your earthly bible and whispers start. Umh… so much for my kindness hah? Its really funny once you think about it.

So what I have decided to do is….
• Only give to those who need it the most
• Stop being considerable to those who don’t need it
• Take back what I have given or what when one takes without asking*
• Stop lending money at all costs• Stop buying gifts for those who have never given back
• The art borrowing will gracing come to end(my clothes, shoes, accessories, etc
• And many more resolutions

negative side of sharing and giving

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