Thursday, March 17, 2011

"The Next Generation, defining the future of global governance"

This was my summary on the topic.

Indeed it is the next generation who will define the future of global governance. In this era of globalization methods should be considered when grasping this statement. Firstly, free primary education should be taken more seriously in underdeveloped countries so that every individual has the right to education. The knowledge that will be earned by these individuals will give them the platform to be better leaders of tomorrow. Anti-corruption campaigns will enlighten individuals more in their prospects of good governance that will be a positive impact not only at a national level but internationally as well. What the generation of this era should do is work towards sustainable development and aim for better development and growth, through understanding politics and international affairs. This generation will provide the next generation with easier means and guidelines on how to solve state problems in collaboration with other states. Maintaining good relations with other states is what this generation needs to appreciate as a means of global cooperation between state governments. All continents need to take this into account especially current leaders who are ruling their states.  The actions of our current leaders dictate what the future holds which will in term affect how the next generation will react. It is us now who are left to help shape the next generation in becoming better leaders of tomorrow therefore enabling the definition of the future of global governance to take place. 

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