Monday, March 14, 2011

Nude Shoes for brown girls

Kelly Rowland in Nude shoes

Solange Knowles in her Nude's


Nude pumps have been so in and i love love love them, i just haven't found the perfect pair yet that would blend in with my skin tone.
So while browsing through one of my favourite fashion blogs i came across these pictures, and it got me wondering...
I thought the concept of "Nude" related to a pair of shoes that blending in with one's skin color. As seen with what Kelly is wearing, these nude's are more of a cream combo to her outfit, if i may say, it would look far much better for Caucasians.
As for Solange's pair, i absolutely love them, now this is the 'Afro girls' pair we are meant to be purchasing my women of color. (no offence).
Solange's style is just FANtastic....

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