Thursday, March 3, 2011

A sleazebag i call wo-MAN

So i decided to Google and find out what a "sleazebag" means, i got this from the urban dictionary, it's a slimey, untrustworthy person, usually male, especially in dealings with the opposite sex.


Thank God that's not my husband but a certain 'sleazebag' who's been trying to rub cheeks with my rosy blushed cheeky cheeks. 

All of a sudden, i have to report all my daily if not hourly activities to a deluded male who i also call a wo-MAN. Reason being....
This wo-MAN enjoys his cozy chair while he gets fed information like a baby being whined from breast-milk. This rather peculiar man clearly exhibits the characteristics of a female species that meet up to enlighten each other on the latest updates.

That my pearls is the sleazebag i call wo-MAN.

Then when his ears fail to hear sweet words of the life of my only life, the tables are turned and all of a sudden i am meant to suffer for not gracing his eyes and ears with updates about my personal life.

Once upon a time upon a true story, wo-MAN would voluntarily give me information on people i had no interest in knowing about. Unfortunately for me, i had shared most of my life stories with this sleazebag.

My oh my...
I had it coming! Soon my personal life was shared among a wild group of vultures who wanted a taste of a life they never knew i had, "An unknown celeb i never knew i was".

Yap compliments of a sleazebag i call wo-MAN.

It was too late for me, but i remembered that nothing is ever TOO late... in life. So i took ten steps back and let Mr. Gossip girl take some time off to hunt for new victims and indeed he did.
So a random unwanted bump in, led this sleazebag to ask me this question for the third time by way, "Are you and your husband fighting"?

I unconsciously scratched my head and wondered who the hell this person was to ask me such an unprecedented question that had nothing to do with his womanity. Then the second question erupted, "how come you don't update me anymore blah blah"? I slightly raised my eyebrow and wondered who the hell this man was to be asking me such questions yet again. Definitely not my husband!

Man oh man, so this is what he hopes for all the time i concluded, he tried to ruin one union and i was convinced that i wasn't going to be his next victim. No No No...

So a couple of friends warned me, because they are also recovering victims from his demise since the female species seem to be his favorite target, and now, to save myself from this sleazebag i have decided to stay the hell away from this wo-MAN before he requests a second invitation into my playground since i rejected the first one.



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