Friday, April 15, 2011

Goodbye Spring 2011 and Hello airport anxiety

So exams are over at long last, I can’t say much about the papers but I’m sure the papers will say a lot about me when my lecturers start marking with their “red for danger” pens. All in all I’m glad it’s over and spring break awaits my bumming and sun de-tanning. So here I am sitting at the airport, after arriving earlier than usual predicting that I’d have more than enough time to feast my eyes on duty free and blame it on the imaginary hole in my wallet.

Just when I was checking in the lady in red tells me, “The plane is an hour and a half late; you will be arriving to our final destination at 00:30”. Disarrayed I was about to vociferate after what I called my three hour nap the previous night. Argh… just what I needed. So here I am at the airport, with a throbbing headache and an exhausted brain that needs 13 hours of sleep to reboot.

Two more hours to go to this unexpected turn of events and cheers to arriving home tomorrow, on my sister’s birthday. Oh well until then I’ll be blogging, discovering more about facebook and practicing my daily ritual of stalking my favorite blogs.

Over and out before my eyes pop-out.

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