Friday, April 1, 2011

One year old girl is pregnant

In this world we see a lot of things and this yet is one more....

Kang Mengru found parasitic twin inside

Shocking event for Chinese medicine, which found that a one year old girl is pregnant, Mengru Kang was taken to hospital after unexplained stomach was swollen much. After ultrasound, the doctors found amazed that the girl has a baby in the womb, the child's twin brother. Doctors say that the embryo was not caught in the womb and has found another place to grow. The little girl will undergo a Cesarean delivery to bring out the baby. This unusual phenomenon, very rarely is numneste "fetus in fetus" and can be met once every 500,000 pregnancies.

STUNNED doctors have discovered a one-year-old girl is carrying a BABY in her tummy. Little Kang Mengru, from China, left medics baffled after her belly became enlarged. Doctors carried out a CT scan to discover the cause of the growth and found a foetus inside her. They believe the tot is her parasitic twin. She is now waiting for an operation to have the tiny baby removed.

Pregnant one year old
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