Sunday, April 3, 2011

Six Tricks to Double Your Calorie Burn.

A plateau is a lovely thing when you get to it after hiking all day. It's not, when describing your fitness efforts!
Plateauing means that despite dragging your body to the gym every day, it's gone into slacker mode. Your weight won't budge, your muscles go on hiatus. A workout for the Bikini season .
Enter The Hollywood Trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, with jumper cables. "People get into an exercise rut," says Jenkins, whose students have included Queen Latifah and Christina Applegate. "You can go to the gym for 30 minutes and burn 300 calories. Or go and burn 600. You can literally double the amount."

                                                 Kelly Rowland Shows Off Her Bikini Bod

Here, she shows six ways to do that——techniques she perfected for her new super fat-blaster DVD, "Bikini Boot Camp." "In my other DVDs, even I dilly dallied—I put down the weights, took a little breather. But on this one, there's not a moment to think about resting. It's boom, boom, boom, next, next, next. We maximized the calorie burn for the time spent. And you can definitely do that with your own workout."

1. Combine upper and lower body: For example, instead of standing there doing biceps curls with dumbbells, add simultaneous stationary lunges.

2. Shuffle with your walk: During a 30-minute power walk, include 5 intervals of side shuffles lasting 60 seconds to 2 minutes each.

3. Insert cardio blasts: Instead of resting or texting between sets on the weight machines, do 25 to 30 jumping jacks, alternating knee lifts, or front kicks.

4. Wear a weighted vest: This will double your burn while walking, hiking, running, or taking a cardio class.

5. Do drop sets: For weight training, start off each set with the heaviest amount you can lift for 10 to 15 reps; then drop the weight 50 percent and continue to 25 reps.

6. Bump up your weights. While taking a sculpting class, push yourself to use 2 to 3 pounds more than you normally would. "It will make an incredible difference," says Jeanette.

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