Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who is David Otunga?

David Otunga is probably famous for two reasons–he is engaged to Jennifer Hudson, his a WWE superstar and he was on the show, “I Love New York“. Lots of speculation has been thrown around about who he is and what he stands for, but few people really know about him.

Otunga is the son of a Kenyan father and an American mother. Both of his parents were educators and he and his father were very close. In an interview with De Novo Magazine he noted that he was devastated when his father passed away. Otunga graduated from Harvard with a law degree and a Bachelor’s in cognitive science from Columbia University.

He rose to fame on the reality show “I Love New York” where he and other guys vied for New York’s love. His name on the show was “Punk”. Jennifer Hudson dedicated her Grammy Award performance to him for the strength he’s provided for her through the hard times that she has been going through.

David Otunga Jennifer Hudson engaged

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