Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My new Haircut pearls....

So i just undid my braids about two days ago and needed a little bit of a change, not as drastic as i had hoped but i just didn't want to see my once rather long hair on the floor so i requested they sweep it before i wiped over my hair. Seriously i used to laugh at guys get so emotional over cutting hair that they had a bond with. So here are the results

All in all, i love my new bob, it now looks very neat and levelled up as compared to how it used to be before.

Why i didn't think of this earlier i have no idea, i still love the "buns" though, but i guess this time round i'v a crush on my natural bob.

I used to think that it was only weaves that could actually create such a great levelling and fullness. I guess i was wrong.
I love my breathable real hair do for a change!.


  1. your hair looks should leave it out for like a month!!!!! The purple tint is fab!!! Wait till blondie copies it

  2. I love this hair cut, looks sooooo gud on u!

  3. Awww
    thank you Sushini...
    I plan on leaving it out until the end of the semester. Thank for the advice.
    As for blondie, i with keep my eyes open for sure.

  4. Thank you Maryam!.
    i really do miss you.
    Much love

  5. Is that your real hair?
    Cute hairstyle.

  6. Yes it is, and thank you!.
    I love it...


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