Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Harper Seven Beckham is born

Here is a snippet from the DailyMail about the newest Beckham's name:

"Friends close to the couple have said that Harper, an old fashioned English name, is one that Victoria has always liked.

It could be a reference to To Kill A Mockingbird author Harper Lee or even the fashion and lifestyle magazine Harper's Bazaar, the cover of which Victoria has graced on a couple of occasions.

It has proved to be a popular name in the US and other celebrities, such as Foo Fighters Dave Grohl, Lisa Marie Presley, and Neil Patrick Harris have named their daughters Harper.

As for the middle name Seven, it has been considered a lucky number for thousands of years among many cultures. In the Bible, there are the seven days of creation, and ancient Rome had seven gods, which gave their names to days of the week.

But the most likely reason the Beckhams chose it is because it was David's shirt number at Manchester United and for England.

Harper was also born at 7.55am, during the seventh month and weighing 7lbs 10oz."

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