Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Group Projects: worst invention ever!...

Group projects most of the time feel like a whole load of work has been lifted off your shoulders, only to realize that you'll have a burden to manage until the semester ends.
So i assigned my fellow group members two main topics to look into, oh well, being dedicated students they did the exact opposite. An outline was due today and my work was done though it still had a lot loop holes in it. So i was furious, first with;
1. A little miss someone who christened herself as group member, mind you, a girl i had never seen in class. 2. A guy who claimed to have researched with no evidence at hand.
3. Another girl who is as dumb as...... only God knows what.
4. Guy number two who decided ignore his group, only to catch him writing nonsense.
5. A lady who decided not to attend this class.
6. Yet another lady who missed the previous two classes and had no clue of what was going on.

Isn't this the best group or what?

Welcome to group projects that requires an overdose of panadol accompanied by each of these special individuals.

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