Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dar es salaam blast in Gongolamboto: 16/02/11

Flames that brought fear to the city of Dar es salaam
                                          All seen from a distance
        Rocket fired that killed a woman as she ran to a Mosque for protection.


AT least 10 people are confirmed dead up to this morning at Amana Hospital, several admitted at different hospitals, others gathered at National stadium and some displaced and several houses damaged due to enormous bomb explosion at Gongolamboto Military Camp in Dar es Salaam.

The bomb explosion rocked Gongolamboto at around 6.30pm on Wednesday, and turmoil spread in all three nearby wards; Kivule, Kitunda and Chanika resulting to closure of the Mwalimu JK Nyerere International airport and the Nyerere road.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr Said Mwema confirmed incidence through Short Message Service (SMS) sent via mobile phones at around 10 and 11 pm directing people to be patient while the efforts to surmount the problem are on progress.

“Tanzania Police Force, would like to inform you, there has been an accident at Military Camp in Ukonga, the situation is under control, be advised to stay calm-IGP,” reads the SMS.

The SMS shows that the incidence occurred at Ukonga Millitary camp while Daily News established that it occured at the Gongolamboto Military camp.

“The first bomb exploded at around 6.30pm and people thought it were either robbers at work or just a thunder, we continued with our business as make things worse another exploded extraordinarily and everyone there knew it was the end of the world,” said Mr Moringe Matto one of the victims who found himself at Chang’ombe without knowing how he got there.

People were advised to stay 30 kilometers away from the area; soldiers in full combat carrying red cloths on their hands were also seen directing people to go down whenever it explodes.
Efforts to reach the authority for establishment of the source of the bomb’s rock, number of deceased, casualties and properties smashed up are on progress.

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