Thursday, February 17, 2011

A perspective on this 2nd blast in Dar es salaam.

This is the second time such a dilemma has taken place in the city of Dar es salaam, looking back to the Mbagala Army Blasts of 2009.
This is meant to be a wake call for the Tanzanian government and military to avoid such embarrassing situations on our own national security.
What has Tanzania come to?
Such situations like these can be intelligently avoided, let alone, all these messages we are receiving through all networks are indeed helpful. But this means of help that could have been avoided in the first place. Why couldn't you have used this methodology to immediately warn residents on what was to come? Sensitization is the key to such a case.
No one deserved to be killed, wounded, displaced, or separated from their families while seeking refuge. All these are sealed violations of human rights and must be taken seriously by all the authorities concerned.
Mr. President, your humanitarian intervention is requested, to not only find out the cause this second time incident, nor in the case of negligence in these military camps but the justice that should be done to the death's and disturbances caused on the people of Tanzania.

With that said I want to ask a couple of questions:
1. Should we keep our eyes opened for a third incident?
2. Will we get justice?
3. How is the government working on this issue?
4. Don't you think this is an embarrassment to the rest of the world, that we do not know how to handle our
   own equipment?
5. What will happen when a real war dawns on Tanzania? Do you think our citizens will feel safe?
6. We the citizens have the right to know what REALLY transpired, will we get all the facts? or stones will
    be left unturned?
7. Will preventive measures be taken this time round?

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