Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is it Ok for a Friend to Copy Your Style?

                 Khloe and Malika dressed alike on their night out, the same bodysuit and all black.

When i saw this picture i just had to post it. I remember when i was in primary school i had a close friend and we where both so obsessed with dressing and looking alike all the time. We would shop at the same store and do the same hairstyles. Wow, those were the days. With time it faded until later on in life when i found out that someone was dressing up close to my personal style. It went from the same color of clothes when going out, make-up, same cut and almost everything else.
That freaked me out to bits until she took pride when people told her that we looked alike.
those where the days, so that explains why i posted this, don't get me wrong, dressing alike could be fun, just don't go too far. 

xoxo and cheers to lookalikes!!!...


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