Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Breo Watch

I got my Breo Roam Watch on the flight back, its $20 and comes in about 3 sizes and different colors, i chose black because it matches with almost everything.

This watch can be both an ultimate accessory and a necessity for people who live the fast-paced life. The Breo Sports Roam watch is an epitome of superb design and quality. Felicitated with the Good Design Award in 2008, this sports watch boasts of a LCD screen and a bracelet like strap which feels as soft as natural rubber.

Breo Roam Watch is an extremely lightweight watch not only helps you to see time and doubles up as a nice wrist gear; the watch has several other advantages which an individual might not even have comprehended. Already quoted as the Fastest Selling watch of 2009, the sleek watch is made up entirely of a material known as Tourmaline.

The health benefits of naturally occurring Tourmaline are plenty. The material is also considered to be a semi-precious gemstone simply because of the numerous health benefits it offers.
Breo Roam Watch made up of Tourmaline helps in :
- increasing concentration
- natural detoxification of the body
- regulate mood fluctuations
- improved sleep, relaxation and meditation.

The Breo Roam Watch is also quite well known for its utility purpose and as an ideal low cost accessory. The varied clientele for Breo Roam Watch is also an indicator of its user appeal and vitality. Right from sports enthusiasts, regular college going youngsters to uber chic glamorous shoppers, everybody seems to be wearing a Breo Roam Watch.

The watch is available in six different shades, is water resistant up to 10m and also has a user replaceable battery.

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